Purchase Grab Bags Packaged by Doodlebug When You Spend $25, $50 or $75



For the first time (unless they did something prior to 2011), Doodlebug Designs has come up with some incredibly valued Grab Bags just in time for Black Friday and for holiday shopping!  


They are packaged and wrapped by Doodlebug and tied with Doodlebug Twine so you could give them as a gift if you wanted to.


I have 3 to choose from – a Doodle-Pop Grab Bag, a Sticker Grab Bag and a Paper Grab Bag. Details of each Grab Bag are below.


Doodle-Pops (qty. 20)                         Valued at $40.00          Your Price - $19.99

Doodlebug Paper (40 sheets)               Valued at $40.00          Your Price - $14.99

Doodlebug Stickers (25 6x12 sheets)       Valued at $105.00          Your Price - $14.99


I was told by my Doodlebug rep that these contain items from a variety of collections, old and new; they are not one theme specific. I have them available in limited quantities, so to make it fair for everyone, you are able to purchase a Grab Bag for every $25 you spend, including Black Friday sale items. If after this weekend there are any left, they will become available on a first come first serve basis. The guidelines are as follows:


1.  With an order of $25, you may purchase ONE Grab Bag.

2.  With an order of $50, you may purchase TWO Grab Bags.

3.  With an order of $75, you may purchase THREE Grab Bags.


The money spent to purchase the Grab Bag cannot be included in your order totals as yomove to the next level.  For Example:  if your order is $25 and you purchase one Grab Bag, you still must accumulate $25 more (in addition to the cost of the Grab Bag) to reach level 2, and so on. Simply put, place a $25, $50 or $75 order (excluding tax, shipping and the cost of each Grab Bag) and you may purchase the appropriate number of Grab Bags! Again, this is to make it fair so that everyone who wants a Grab Bag will hopefully get the opportunity to purchase one.


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